About Danu CSS


Danu Community Special School (Danu CSS) is committed to a spirit of inclusion, equality and partnership in education. The school actively seeks to promote an ethos that provides a safe, warm, welcoming, caring environment where all members of the school community are valued and treated with respect and dignity. We believe that students learn to the best of their ability when they feel happy and secure in school. The school seeks to develop a sense of community and partnership with children, parents and staff. We believe that every member of the school community has an integral part to play in the overall wellbeing of the school.

Danu CSS is a caring, learning, environment where each child is welcomed, respected, cherished and facilitated in reaching their full potential whatever their background, nationality or faith.

Danu CSS is a learning community where children’s learning is paramount. Staff, parents and community members share in the educational development of the students in ways which are both stimulating and appropriate to the needs of the children in our school.

Danu CSS seeks to ensure that all members of the school community work in partnership, having the best interest of our students at heart and for the development of the whole community.

Who the School is for

Danu Community Special School under the patronage of the Education Training Board (DDLETB Region) seeks to provide high quality education, services and supports to children and young people across the Dublin 15 region and to:

  •       enable each student to develop their full potential

  •       provide a safe and secure environment for learning

  •      promote respect for the diversity of values, beliefs, traditions, languages and ways of life in society.

We aim to achieve these goals while respecting the privacy and data protection rights of students, staff, parents/guardians and others who interact with us. The school wishes to achieve these aims/missions while fully respecting individuals’ rights to privacy and rights under the Data Protection Acts.

School Calendar

June 2024